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GCU Academy

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Über uns

Heideveld still faces tremendous social issues that affect its inhabitants on a daily basis. Vast unemployment and high school drop out rates, as well as rampant drug and alcohol abuse all contribute to the impoverished nature of the area. However, one of the most debilitating problems affecting Heideveld is their gang activity. Out of the 60,000 residents, approximately 5,000 (1 in every 12) people in Heideveld are involved with gangs.
Despite the numerous problems plaguing this community, GCU recognizes that the reversal of Heideveld culture of poverty must begin with our youth. This is why we strive not only to enrich their childhoods, but to spark and encourage the desire to want more for their adult lives as well. One of GCU greatest beliefs is that above all else, the mindsets of the youth must be totally reshaped in order to discard the destructive norms and values that are so prevalent in their everyday lives. It’s because of this GCU takes a markedly holistic approach to guiding the youth. By working to fill the deficits in the physical, mental, emotional and educational facets of our beneficiaries


3 Groenberg Road Heideveld Athlone
Cape Town

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