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Children and Youth First Nepal

wird verwaltet von M. Denk-Lobnig

Über uns

CHILDREN & YOUTH FIRST in short is also known as CYF, is a non-governmental organization established in 2008 by an idealistic, energetic group of nine like-minded youth volunteers from the urban Kathmandu periphery. CYF is also a 501(c) charitable non profit organisation registered in the state of Nebraska USA.

We have been volunteering together for many years since our school days on social causes affecting the less fortunate in Nepal. We are a highly responsible, motivated group of action and results-oriented young people coming from varied socioeconomic backgrounds, all wishing to demonstrate the concern of Nepali youth about social and development issues. It gives us an immense sense of satisfaction and pride to use our skills and aptitudes to contribute to a better future for deprived children and young people in Nepal as part of the drive to build a just, peaceful, and prosperous "new Nepal". As a group of young people we subscribe to the words of the late US President John F Kennedy, who once said,

"Let us think of the education of children as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, if fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation."

We realize that sky-rocketing "school fees" are one of the biggest barriers in the expansion of access to quality education in Nepal. Poverty imposes a tough choice on families and households about whether to send their children to school or not. Even if they are sent, how long will the children go to school?

Our vision is to contribute to creating fair and just opportunities for the children and youth of marginalized and disadvantaged families and communities, and to develop their abilities and capacities to the fullest extent to enable them to lead dignified lives in society. Our main focus is GIVING CHILDREN THE ACCESS TO THE RIGHTS and helping them provide a peaceful environment for quality education.

CYF gives priority to children and youth, who represent the future of the country. We wish to see them given the opportunity to be capable and confident and to have control over the factors that are affecting their lives and their families' lives. Providing access to health services; quality education; recreation; personal and life-skills development; and a peaceful, protective, safe environment, free from abuse and exploitation, will aid the children in developing their potentials to the fullest. A person's income should not be the barrier to his or her child's education or the type of education one receives thus education is meant for all!


To encourage children not just towards theoritical learning but towards practical learning aswell.
To support the future and the leaders of tomorrow through education
To support life skills development training and uncover the hidden talents among youth who come to us
To enhance awareness of child rights, through the use of street drama
To educate the youth and adults of Nepal and abroad on the importance of education for all in developing countries like Nepal
To rescue, provide counseling, and provide support to children who are vulnerable to being involved in criminal activities or being trafficked into brothels
To creating working partnerships with various state, civil, and community institutions from grassroots to policy-making levels as per the provisions and framework of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
To develop awareness of the importance of child rights and the capacity and skill to translate this awareness into action
To encourage a "rights-based" approach.
To encourage corporate social responsibility.

We target children and youth from marginalized families belonging to the most economically, socially, and geographically disadvantaged groups in Nepali society.


We are non-religious
We are non political
We are non-profit, autonomous, and independent
We are accountable to our target group, children, and our supporters within Nepal and abroad
We strive to maintain the highest standard of transparency in all our work
We seek the participation of the children in our target group in decision-making and in the implementation of all the activities and facets of our project and programme
We work with sustainability and social justice in mind
We encourage empowerment, not dependence.
We conform to UNCRC and other international instruments pertaining to child rights, and we and abide by the local law and policies of Nepal
We respect local culture, challenging it only if it violates the rights of child
We strive to facilitate the access of donors and supporters to first-hand information
We let our actions speak louder than our words
We consult local authorities and immediate families of children
We seek and respect the opinions of the children
We undertake activities that directly benefit the children we support
We work to keep overhead expenses to a minimum


We are running a project called "SUPPORT A SMILE" which is an innovative program to support children directly for education, recreation, entertainment, and cultural activities. It includes a boarding facility with food and accommodation; tuition fees; full school uniform and books; and health and medical support in time of need. Currently we are supporting 37 children in a full boarding education facility, and fund-raising through the sales of handcraft materials like knit wear items made by the single mothers whose children are supported by the organisation and women who are economically challenged. You can be a part of this project!

READ MORE ABOUT THIS IN OUR "SUPPORT A SMILE" section http://cyfnepal.org/new/support-smile




Letzte Projektneuigkeit

I triggered a payout for these needs:

  M. Denk-Lobnig  25. Januar 2016 um 17:54 Uhr

Thank you so much everyone for making this possible! Children and Youth First will do their best as always and use these donations to make a new home for all of their children.

A donation amount of €360.00 was requested for the following needs:

Finanzierung einer Unterkunft €360.00


G.P.O BOX 8975 E.P.C 1842

M. Denk-Lobnig

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