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Children of Great Mission International [CGMI]

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Über uns

CHILDREN OF GREATER MISSION INTERNATIONAL [CGMI] is a non governmental Organisation [NGO] with cardinal duty to HELP, SERVE and PROMOTE.

.... to offer a gift of Hope, Love and Acceptance to the displaced Children as well as to the Society for a better life and development of the Society.........!


Assist and maintain the freedom of the Street and displaced Children in the world especially in Kenya in the context that these are Victims of the Society, Culture, Environment, Poverty and hence are among the forgotten and less fortunate.
In so doing, to set up rehabilitation Centers for street Children and Orphans, in order to carter effectively for all their needs and wants, bearing in mind that these are innocent Human beings and the hope of our future Generation.

To co-operate with all existing Organisations, Companies and groups or persons for the and to accept Grants of Money, of Land, Subscriptions , Donations, Gifts and other assistance with view to promoting the objectives of the Organisation on ways of clothing, feeding and education for these Children.

To effectively liaise with Sponsors and Donors for financial assistance for the poor Children and for the training and educational needs.

Campaign and adjudicate against alleged infringements as perpetrated by the Society itself which it purports to protect i.e. Child abuse, molestation, labor, Girls Circumcision, etc.

To train and offer guidance and counselling programs to the Children, Youth and Parents.

The Council:

The Council shall maintain a register of developments to supply information to public to create awareness, make public reports; keep a review of the same, which shall be distributed to the Sponsors, Donors, Government bodies etc.

Involve the public in the work of the Organisation and Council by granting Membership to the Council, constantly and reasonably keeping informed of the councils operations, views and decision. In so doing, we shall be creating awareness of public right to maintain and enhance development for it is the bright of future Generation.

Involve the Public in the work of the Organisation and council by granting Membership to the council; constantly & reasonably keeping informed of the councils operations, views and decision.

Do all other activities as may be in the interest of the council an the overall Organisation, and generally to do all things which may have been not mentioned, as may be considered necessary and for the betterment of the Organisation in order to achieve these Objectives.

To clearly, honestly and effectively liaise with the Main Sponsor, affiliation Group international, and all the sister Groups which are already established and fully working in Africa and all over the World.

In order to attain total efficiency and supremacy in this role, the Organisation, further stipulates that:

To employ experts, advisers, co coordinators, administrators and others for the Organisations objectives as fore said.

To enter into any agreement or arrangement with any International body, governments, or supreme Authorities, Municipal,Local or otherwise that may seem conducive to the Organisations Objectives or any of them and to obtain from any such body, Government, or authority any contracts, rights,privileges or concessions which the Organisation may think desirable to obtain or to carry out, exercise or comply with any such arrangements, contracts, rights, privileges and concessions.

To establish Children centers for the co ordination of all the Organisations Objectives and to promote, organize, manage, co ordinate, educate and do all things as may be desirable necessary or incidental to these Children and their Centers to have Hostels, Workers, Schools, Dispensaries, Conference centers, Business premises and any other communal places as models of Love.

To take such steps by personal or written appeals, meetings or otherwise as may from time to time be expedient for the purpose of procuring contributions to the Funds of the organisation in the form of endorsement donations, annual subscriptions, or otherwise participate in such things as have for their Objectives, raising of Money for the purpose of the Organisation.

To acquire or carry out all or any part of the activities and services, Property and Liabilities of any Person or Society carrying on activities similar to that which this Organisation is allowed to carry on or possessed of rights of Property suitable for the purpose of this Organisation and to purchase, acquire, sell and deal with the Shares and Securities of any such Person or Society.

To establish and promote various Programs, Seminars, Schemes, Retreats, Concerts, Training, Courses and any other Courses preliminary within Africa and the World as large on the essence “HELP CHILDREN TODAY, FOR THEY GENERATION OF TOMORROW” campaign.

To adopt such ways of making known all the activities and Services of the Organisation by advertisements, in Televisions, Radio, Posters, Speeches, Playgroups, Drama, Songs, Music, Concerts etc.

To award Prices, Rewards, Scholarships to genuine needy, scholars who really need assistance in Tuition and having expenses locally or abroad and all those being met by the Organisations or its Affiliates.

To enter into Union of interests or arrangements for Unity. To enter into Partnerships or Union of interests, co operation, reciprocal concession or otherwise with any person or society carrying or engaging in any activities or transactions of this Organisation so as to directly or indirectly benefit the Organisation.

To invest Organisations Money which is not immediately required in any one or more Modes of Investments of the Trust Money and in such manner as from time to time be determined. Knowing that it is a non profit making Organisation, but needs Capital to run.

To borrow or raise any Money that may be required by the Organisation upon such Terms and upon such Securities as any be deemed advisable.

To draw, make, accept, endorse, discount, execute and issue Checks, promissory Notes, Bills of exchange, Warrants, debentures and other negotiable transferable Instruments.
To do all such things as may be conducive to the attainment of the Objectives of the CGMI.

To abide by the all Rules and Regulations as ordained by the Government of Kenya as well as guarded by the International Law, for the purpose of any socio-economic discipline covering Social, Welfare, Laws, Rules and Regulations.

Mehr Infos: http://www.cgmi.eu/news/objectives-of-the-council/
Mehr Infos: http://www.cgmi.eu/en/


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