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Real Agency for Community Development

wird verwaltet von B. Mushabe

Über uns

RACD is Nonprofit organization and a community development organization founded in Isingiro -Mbarara district in 2007.It offers support to school going youths with scholastic materials and school fees subsidizing among others.RACD would like to ensure better youths learning by improving the established ICT resource center so that Isingiro youths can be in a position to compete with other youths globally.

RACD means Real Agency for Community Development. The organization challenges the slow pace of youths empowerment in communities especially those from remote areas.ICT introduction is one of millennium goals of development for Uganda as a country by 2015 yet in such districts , it is still in its crawling stages. Ignorance is another big problem faced by youths both in school and out of school in Isingiro - Mbarara district.

RACD as a community based organization embraces the entire local congregation. It would like to offer ICT (Information Communication Technology) training and skills to all the 150 school going youths it already sponsors and to even give opportunity to those youths who have the wish but are out of school. RACD started operating since 2007and a lot of youths joined and even more others were desperately willing to join. The ICT resource center requires a total funding prescribed below;
Total Funding Goal: $9,250
• $25 support one computer literacy training for neighboring high school class
• $50 support one computer literacy day for farmers from around the region (includes transport)
• $100 one month of internet for the centre
• $200 will cover the cost of cleaning and refurbishing the building plus rent for one year- very important
• $250 will cover the refurbishing the building
• $500 Buy one brand new computer
• $1,000 Total monthly expenses for the Resource centre; rent $100, internet $150, attendant $75, trainings $100, electricity $50, supplies $25, generator for emergency $ 500
• $6,000 Total yearly expenses for the Resource centre; rent $1200, internet $1800, attendant $900, trainings $1200, electricity $600 and supplies $300

RACD is thanks full about any kind of support. All donations will be put solely to youths education impoverishment via improvement of the ICT Resource Center.


mbarara road

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