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MAVUNO Project for Community Reliefs and Services

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Über uns

Mavuno is a non-governmental organization established by rural farmers in 1993 and registered under the Ministry of Home Affairs of the United Republic of Tanzania. The organization’s main overall objective is to improve the quality of life in rural areas of Karagwe district, Tanzania.

The core of Mavuno’s work is to empower rural people of Karagwe and Kyerwa districts by relieving basic needs, providing practical opportunities, and creating sustainable alternatives. The established programs include agriculture extension work, environmental protection, microfinance services, participatory construction of rainwater harvesting tanks for rural families, access to education for disadvantaged children, and supportive services for a local coalition of those living with HIV/AIDS.

Mavuno is partnering with several international organizations, the local community, as well as with the Tanzanian government. Employing a bottom up approach, Mavuno is engaging organized village members in participatory meetings at the onset of initiatives. These organized members go on to form permanent committees whose responsibility is to assure that the nature of the work being done is concurrent with felt needs. Mavuno affirms that the only development that will succeed is development that is recognized and embraced by the local community. Establishing these committees engineers a sense of shared responsibility for increasing the livelihood of rural communities, and ensures that work is driven by and for the people.

Please also visit: www.mavunoproject.org


P.O. Box 273, Karagwe
Karagwe District, Ihanda Village

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