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Surf City Center For Better Life Inc

wird verwaltet von I. Russell

Über uns

I am a missionary to Philippines and my wife and I have donated three blocks of land valued at $100,000 to build an orphanage,in Camotes island which we have registered with ausaid/globaldev no J505 Unidos Children's Home.I hold Masters in Missiology and have permits to build with all clearances needed,everything is ready to build except for the funding.We need $70,000,which will both build and supply all furniture needed.The orphanage will house 12 children and will be self sufficient,and we will be the ones looking after the orphanage.We have website for this with photos,you can see exactly what we are doing here.We are seeking someone to partner with us on this project!

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

heading back to Philippines

  I. Russell  13. Januar 2010 um 01:55 Uhr

We are heading back to the Philippines in June,and I will be there for three years setting things up,namely the businesses first then hopefully we will have somone interested in coming on board to help us!We rreally need help here as shortly this site will closed down as we have no interest,and that is part of the condition for this site,so please anyone interested to join on this awesome journey do not hesitate,the time is right and things are happening don't miss out!



8 Yarrella St
Southport 4215

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