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Zukunft in Salikenni e.V.

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Über uns

We are friends of Salikenni coming from Germany, the Gambia, China or other countries of the world. We involve ourselves in Salikenni because we want to open children and their parents new perspectives. With the nursery school the early life for the children will be easier and brighter. We want to support the parents to create and take new chances for themselves.
Our wishes:
We wish for our teachers access to the internet, so they can share information and know what is going on throughout the world and can give this knowledge back to the children. Access to the Internet is also the foundation to offer courses for the youth e.g. how to use the computer, how to use modern media and software tools. If this would be accompanied by teaching technical skills, new and unique “Business Models” could be generated.
We wish for our women and mothers better and easier possibilities to benefit from their very hard work on their fields and in their vegetable gardens. Here the paved streets which lead to the market places open new perspectives. One first step to increase the profit could be solid fences around the gardens. To strengthen the women implies new prospects for the children.
For all of us we wish that we learn and experience that the efforts are worthwhile, that the efforts are a great benefit and that our society needs people who show dedication for themselves and others. We want to be role models for our children in the Gambia, Germany and the rest of the world.
Our mission statement
We live in Europe, Africa, the Amercia and Asia
We live in one world
We are proud partners
We do not have the same resources but all of us have a lot to offer

We share the same values
We all have a lot to give and giving is important
We all have a lot to learn and learning is important
We want to be friends, being and having friends is important
We share our lives

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