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Mission for Rural Transformation Uganda

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To promote peace building conflict resolution, good governance, effective leadership and management, Human Rights protection and Advocacy among the communities and the neighbouring districts of Uganda.

To alleviate poverty and improve the condition of living of the people of the communities, their neighbouring districts of Uganda by empowering the people to engage in viable and sustainable economic activities.

To promote formal and informal education in the communities and eliminate ignorance by empowering the communities to establish and make use of the existing Schools, Colleges and Training institutions/centre to provide education and quality skill trainings to the people and scholarship Programme. Trainings in Welding and Fabrication, Electrical & Electronics, Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Oil and Gas Engineering, Irrigation Engineering, handicraft, animal husbandry, farming, building, and weaving and to participate in projects connected thereto.

To promote sustainable and modern Agriculture, environmental protection, forest and wild life resources preservations in the communities, Renewable Energy and also by empowering the people with the necessary skills, means and appropriate technologies; oxen, ox- plough, Tractors, Tractor Plough that would increase production of both food crop and cash crops, and to add values on Community Agricultural Products and create markets for the products.

To promote accessibility of clean and safe drinking water, hygiene and sanitation services and facilities to the communities and the entire people of Northern Uganda by empowering the people with the means, knowledge and skills to establish and sustain water points, hygiene and sanitation facilities in the communities that would eliminate common diseases such as the river blindness, typhoid and other water borne diseases.

To promote the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS pandemic, provision of treatment, home based care and support to the affected and infected members of the communities, their neighbours by empowering the people with skills, knowledge and means of combating the pandemic.

To promote unity, harmony, solidarity and cooperation among the Youths, Elders, Women, Widows, Widowers and Orphans, various sector of the population who are at home, those in the cities in the country and those still in the Diaspora with the view of synergizing their skills, resources and funds to bring sustainable peace and development to their war ravaged communities.

To Increase accessibility of the communities to the market and social centres by provision of new roads and rehabilitation of existing District Roads, Community access roads and foot paths and provision of training, facilitations, technical assistances and resources to the Road committees to help in the sustainability of those roads using labour based Road construction/Rehabilitation methods. Construction of bridges, culvert structures installations, roads operations and maintenance.

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

Juliet und Sharon - Trimester 1

  J. Lakoch  12. Februar 2014 um 09:35 Uhr

Juliet und Sharon besuchen momentan jeweils das erste Trimester der Secondary School in Gulu.
Juliet in der Oberstufe versucht mit guten Leistungen eine Zulassung für das Jura-Studium in der Haupstadt zu erreichen.
Sharon bemüht sich bereits in der MIttelstufe um ein Stipendium der Regierung.
Bis zum erreichen ihrer Ziele stehen aber noch ein bis zwei Jahre vor ihnen und beide sind Waisen, somit auf ihrer Schullaufbahn auf finanzielle Unterstützung (Schulgebühren) angewiesen.
Wir versuchen ihnen den Druck der finanziellen Unsicherheit zu nehmen und konnten in einem langwierigen Prozess die Gebühren für Trimester 1 diesen Jahres auftreiben. Trimester 2 und 3  scheinen aber wieder äußerst schwierig zu werden.



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