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Because polar bears depend on a habitat that literally melts as temperatures rise, they are among the first of species to show the negative impacts of a warming world. Ultimately, however, the negative impacts already affecting polar bears will be felt by all life on earth. Disastrous consequences for coastal populations and food supplies, for example, are assured as extreme weather events escalate, droughts and floods increase in frequency, and sea levels rise. Our research will provide part of the communication necessary to inspire people to act before the worst of these consequences arise.

Unfortunately, many people resist the reality that the planet is warming and that humans have the capacity to do something about it. The key to creating fundamental changes in behavior is to help educate consumers about what climate change means through the dissemination of clear-cut information on the subject—how greenhouse gases affect the climate and how human behavior creates greenhouse gases. A greater understanding of the issue leads to a greater conservation literacy, which we use to inspire the inhabitants of the planet to tread more softly. Our education programs therefore focus on increasing this level of understand and subsequently inspiring action to achieve a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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