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NAVTI Foundation Cameroon

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Über uns

NAVTI Foundation NGO, Cameroon with registration number E26/PS/118/345 of 2004 is a non-profit, apolitical, developmental organization. It operates within the national territory of Cameroon with head office in Tobin-Kumbo town, Bui Division. In 2008, we become registered in Canada and Hong Kong.
The main work of the NAVTI Foundation is to improve the welfare of the under privileged in their community, with more focus currently in Bui Division having over 400,000 people and its surroundings.
We have a Board of Directors made of 7 people (4 men and 3 women). A management team take care of daily operations under the President. We have foreign partners/volunteers who audit our activities regularly.

Help the under privileged women, children and rural population to alleviate poverty and live peaceful lives by assisting them to develop their potentials.


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