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MERC Maasai Media Center

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Über uns

When Maasai communities in Kenya have access to media and communication technology, their capacity to organize around issues such as hunger, land loss and education is revolutionized. The Maasai Media Center, a project of MERC, works to put media resources, such as a community-based radio station and video documentary equipment, into the hands of Maasai people to support their work in two ways:

1. By expanding this Indigenous community’s ability to communicate between towns and villages scattered throughout southern Kenya in order to organize around common concerns and strategies for social change.
2. By increasing this community’s ability to represent itself to the rest of the world on its own terms, challenging stereotypes, exploitative tourism practices, and building partnerships across cultures.

The Maasai Media Center is a small facility run on solar power located on community land near Talek, Kenya, with the capacity to shoot and edit film, and record and edit sound. We now have a license for a radio station and are partnering with other Indigenous organizations in Central America to begin developing our own community-based station. All of your contributions will go toward providing villages with radios and transmitting towers, exponentially increasing communities’ chance of gaining access to live-saving resources and collaborating with other Maasai villages in addressing regional crises.


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