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  I. Bartelt  12. Januar 2016 um 11:36 Uhr

Mit den Spenden werden 20 Lehrer/innen im Bardia-Nationalpark an einem Englisch-Trainingskurs teilnehmen.

Report about my assignment in Bardiya, Nepal, from 29th September until 24th Oktober 2015


For the third time I have been at Shree Jagadamba Higher Secondary School in Madhela, Bardiya, Nepal.

 Working conditions for the teacher have improved a little as the classes now normally don’t have more than 50 students. But the equipment concerning furniture, material and media is still not sufficient. The teachers try to meet the demands of their curriculum and gratefully accept offers for training.

I carried through workshops for the English teachers of the school and the surrounding area. This time I focused on pronunciation and oral skills, according to the needs of the teachers. I got support from Mr. Sanu Kanchha Tamang, English teacher of the school, who – like last time -worked with me. He did not only help me as translator; while planning and organizing  I gladly relied on his professional competence and specially on his knowledge of the area and the Nepalese mentality. Meanwhile he offers good trainings himself and this adds to enlarging the local training demand.

As the subject “Fine Arts” is not part of the curriculum, I was asked to offer drawing and painting to primary classes (3 and 4). Students –and teacher – were delighted and would like further lessons in the future.

Together with colleagues I could offer training workshops in remote areas, where teachers have practically no chance to take part in training courses. Here, too, following courses/workshops would be a good idea.

For the first time, answering a request of the Nature-Guide-Association, I hold language courses for active and future nature-guides of Bardiya – National - Park. Primarily the course was lined out for about 20 participants for one week. But as I didn’t want to exclude anyone there were about 40 participants and I taught for 4 more days. The training was designed for quick, practical and situation oriented use. It was very interesting and beneficial for me, too. The participants would be very grateful for the possibility to get similar (and longer) training. I was delighted –and moved, when, as a thank-you, I was asked to plant a Swami-tree at the end.

I again was surprised by the warmth of the Nepali people and by their hospitality. As this time I came in spring I could take part in festive events like Holi, Women’s Day and Loshar. Activities in the field of “Save the Nature” and ecological education have deeply impressed –and embarrassed me.

A donation amount of €370.00 was requested for the following needs:

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