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PROFILE - Brief 2013
Awake for Better Life Organization (ABLO) was founded in 2010 by a group of men and women who had lost most of their beloved ones eg parents, wives, husbands, children and relatives among others to HIV/AIDS pandemic. It was therefore formed as an intervention to overcome challenges faced by families, individuals and the stretch extended to the community.
The challenges includes the direct impact of HIV/AIDs pandemic, overwhelming number of orphans, high poverty levels, poor community health, school dropouts and the burden/stretch the community and traditional family system was facing to cope with these problems.
ABLO formalized in 201I and legally conducts its activities in Kamuli district but it intends to expand and extend its programmes to other districts in eastern region and Uganda as a whole since almost all communities in Uganda are faced with the same challenge.
Its office is located along Namwendwa-Kamuli road; near Namwendwa Health centre iv which is approximately 16 kms from Kamuli town.
The organization desires to create a more caring and humane society, to have strong structures, families and children with the aim of uplifting communities focusing on children especially Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children (OVCs), youth and women by providing them assistance in form of educational support, medical care, food and nutrition, vocational skills development, alternative income generating activities, water sanitation and hygiene, and creating a sense of community belonging to the double orphans as we endeavor to improve lives and communities.
To empower the youth, children and other vulnerable groups in their efforts to realize sustainable development and to tighten the relationship between the beneficiaries, contribute to conflict resolution among the youth and children in the areas they live.

The mission of Awake For Better Life Organization is to empower and develop communities to become self reliant and address the major problems faced by orphans, the girl child, women, all other vulnerable people and the communities generally that have social, economic and political significance to Uganda and Africa in general, so as to influence policy, raise consciousness and improve the quality of lives.

The organization motto is “We Act for the Better.”
1. To promote environmental conservation so as to ensure proper community management of environmental resources, and raising public awareness on the link between environment, poverty and development.
2. To ensure a comprehensive and sustained reduction of HIV/AIDS infection and improve access to quality and equitable prevention, care and support services to people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.
3. To support education and skills development for the empowerment of OVCs, youth and other vulnerable groups to be creative and innovate for a better future with sustainable welfare.
3. Home and village improvement through improved access to basic social service like Health, Education, Water and Sanitation by conducting community health, hygiene and sanitation Campaigns.
5. To diversify income earning opportunities at house hold levels.
6. To raise HIV/AIDS awareness among children and youths, and provide them with accessible and affordable adolescent/child friendly services to reduce their vulnerability to exploitation and sexual abuse.
The strategies which the organization uses are but not limited to:
1. Baseline surveys. ABLO designs participatory community appraisal programs and implements in selected parishes to address the gaps identified as per the survey findings.

Then sensitizations are conducted at zonal levels on improved household, community hygiene and sanitation, proper waste management and disposal, personal hygiene, safe water chain and establishment of sanitary facilities in each household (bath shelter, drying rack, tip tap, waste pits/containers/sacks and pit latrines).

2. Environmental conservation. We conduct campaign on environmental management practices e.g. tree planting, protection of the waters / Wetlands, conservation of natural resource and proper waste management.

3. Education and support of Orphans and Vulnerable Children. The support of orphans and vulnerable children will be but not limited to:

 Education support, here we shall support primary school going needy orphans through scholastic materials which include books, pencils, pens, colored pencils, etc. This is an ongoing exercise that is conducted at every beginning of term. Items are mobilized by ABLO and handed over to the care takers of these children who in turn give them to the teachers at school.
 Counseling services to orphans and HIV/ AIDS orphan affected households.

4. Conducting hygiene and sanitation campaign (better feeding habits), training single mothers, child headed families and grand mother headed families on better family planning practices.
5. Sensitization of communities on child protection and guardianship, Children rights, legal assistance, property rights and inheritance so as to enhance family stability and to ensure love and security for all children.
6. To ensure a comprehensive and sustained reduction of HIV / AIDS / AIDS Infection and improve on access to quality and equitable prevention, care and support services to people living with AIDS (PLWAs) and HIV infected and affected households.

This involves:
 Psychosocial social support, here we shall provide counseling and guidance to HIV infected and affected people, households and orphans.
 Creation of HIV / AIDS prevention and awareness through training and sensitizations.
 Integration of gender and HIV issues into rural development.
 Conducting group discussions with PLWAs to draft massages on prevention, transmission, positive living and care.
 Advocacy for people living with AIDS (PLWAs).
7. To diversify income earning opportunities household levels. There will be life skill development to school drop outs, single mothers, women, youth and all other vulnerable groups.
8. Provision of social-economic support i.e. by setting up alternative income generating project e.g. poultry, piggery, agriculture, tailoring, computer skills, craft making, metal works, etc. and also provide them with saving and business skills.
9. Creation of awareness on food security and nutrition especially on food production and nutrition requirements.
10. Community health, hygiene and sanitation. We conduct hygiene and sanitation campaigns at zonal levels on: improved households and community hygiene and sanitation, proper waste management and disposal, personal hygiene, safe water chain, establishment of sanitary facilities in each homestead (bath shelter, drying rack, tip tap, waste pits / containers / sacks) and pit latrines.
11. There will also focus on children health (better feeding habits), access to health services and community based health care.
Since the inception in 2010, the organization embarked on formalization which it achieved by registering in 2011, enabling it to legally operate and conducts its work in Kamuli district.
After formalization, ABLO benefited from local resources and community members there by conducting a participatory community appraisal programme that preceded with a baseline survey in some six Parishes of Namwendwa.
From the survey findings, a participatory rural community appraisal was designed and implemented in the six parishes Namwendwa, Bulogo, Kyeya, Bulange, Isingo and Makoka respectively to address the gaps identified as per the survey findings.
Sensitization were conducted at zonal levels on improved house hold and community hygiene and sanitation, proper waste management and disposal, personal hygiene, safe water chain, establishment of sanitary facilities in each home stead (bath shelter, drying rack, tip tap, waste pits/ container / sacks ) and pit latrines.
Demonstration on how each of these sanitary facilities are made are being carried out in each of the six parishes at zonal levels
In the year 2012, the organization in partnership with Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development, benefited from the support of 57 volunteer students from the institute and we carried out development activities in Namwendwa Sub-county for three month from February to May. There after with same support of another batch of 58 students from the Institute, the organization was able to extend its activities to Bulopa Sub-county with 58 full time resident volunteer students for two month from June to August.
With support of the students, we conducted participatory community appraisal programme that preceded a base line survey in Namwendwa sub-county in the selected parishes of Namwendwa, Bulogo, Kyeya, isingo and Bulange parishes and also in Bulopa Sub-County in the parishes of Bulopa, Nagamuli, Nagwenyi, Bukutu and Mpakitoni to asses hygiene and sanitation conditions, community based health care services, nature of house holds/families and their means of livelihood.
From the survey findings, the participatory community appraisal programme was designed and implemented in the ten parishes selected in the two Sub-counties of Namwendwa and Bulopa respectively to address the gaps identified as per the survey findings. Sensitizations were conducted at parish level on improved house hold and community hygiene and sanitation, proper waste management and disposal, personal hygiene, safe water chain, establishment of sanitary facilities in each home stead (Bath shelter, Drying rack, Tip tap, waste pits/containers/sacks, and pit latrines)
The community members have been trained on alternative income generating activities like soap making, candle making, art and craft making, bread baking so as to enhance their incomes.
From June to august 2013, the same activities were also carried out in some parishes of kitayunjwa Sub County.
All the above is done with support and partnership with the Kamuli district local government, Community Development Officers, sub county chiefs, Jinja aids information center, district health centers and Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development.
For the past period, ABLO has been supporting and offering counseling services to HIV/AIDS affected and infected families and orphans, training single mothers and grandmother headed families on better family planning practices.
ABLO has also been offering voluntary HIV/AIDS counseling to the infected and affected community/clients at Namwendwa health centre IV, these services are offered every Tuesday and Thursday and is still in progress.
HIV AIDS Education and guidance services are also offered the students in primary, secondary schools and communities so as to create more awareness in a bid to fight HIV AIDS.
ABLO provide social economic support and has offered life skill development services to school dropouts, students single mothers the youth and all interested individual.
They are trained on various income generating activities and are given skills on how to manufacture items like soap, candle wax, mosquito repellants, and organic charcoal as an alternative source of fuel energy for cooking using the locally available resources.
From the sales of the above they earn some income.
ABLO benefits from support of well-wishers, friends, and local authorities/communities, Individuals in and outside Uganda, and ABLO members who have been contributing financially, materially, morally and devoting their time towards the work and welfare of orphans and the organization generally.

• Kamuli District local Government.
• Nsamizi Training Institute Of social Development.
• Jinja Aids Information Center.
ABLO can achieve much by implementing more programmes as per its objectives and work plans to create visible change in the lives of many poor families and communities. The organization has the experience and capacity to implement more important projects but it is hindered by lack of resources.
ABLO needs fund to facilitate implementation of more humanitarian activities for now and the future.
The organization is therefore seeking for funds to implement ‘The Vulnerable Support Project’ to benefit children, women and youth to improve their welfare and livelihood.
The related challenges include but not limited:-
• Poor means of transport
• ABLO is in dire need of a motor cycle to be used in the day today work of the organization
• Orphan hood, the number of OVCs and school dropout is overwhelming.
• Poverty levels among households is high
• The impact of HIV/AIDS
• The prevalence rates are high in the town council
• The number of grand mother and child headed families are on the increase
Therefore there is need for efforts to globally, nationally and locally combat:-
• Environmental destruction.
• To improve on food security among households.
• Work towards elimination of poverty.
• Child labor and its associated educational wastages
• Help to improve and increase the incomes of women and households. Infected and
It is in this endeavor that ABLO is seeks for support to undertake the following projects:-
• Environment conservation projects
• Provision of high yielding seeds, training and sensitizations on good farming methods.
• Support to HIV/AIDs affected families with livelihood options
• HIV/AIDS prevention
• Women empowerment
• Educational support for OVCs and school drop outs with school requirements and vocational training.
• Lobbying for support/ funding
• Support to OVC’s education
• Provision of alternative IGAs and enterprise skills
• Community home based health care
• HIV/AIDS awareness campaign
ABLO calls upon partners, duty bearers, individuals and donors to join hands for this noble cause to ease the suffering of the poor and vulnerable children in Uganda who live in these unfortunate and hard conditions.
The organization has trained and dedicated staff that will help in the achievement of its aims, goals and objectives.
We also have both the technical and professional strength to implement a project of whatever magnitude.



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