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MicroMentor | An initiative of Mercy Corps

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MicroMentor connects low-income business owners - called "microentrepreneurs" - to individuals who have successfully navigated business ownership or management in the same industry. Although there are some existing mentoring opportunities available to business owners, MicroMentor is the only one that utilizes technology to pair two people in the same industry.

Collaborating with community-based microenterprise organizations, national trade associations and corporate partners, MicroMentor helps these microentrepreneurs gain access to markets and increase revenue and profitability by offering on-line, time-convenient mentoring. By merging Internet technology with personalized mentoring, MicroMentor is dedicated to the proposition that low-income microentrepreneurs are crucial to the economic and social well-being of our communities.

MicroMentor was officially launched in 2001 in collaboration with three microenterprise programs: CAMEO (California Association for Microenterprise Opportunity), Start Up of East Palo Alto, CA, and West Company of Mendocino of Ukiah, CA.


Micro Mentor, c/o Mercy Corps, 220 Sansome St. Suite 1000
San Fransisco

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