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ELCSA - Igwa Circuit - Sileth'impilo Project

wird verwaltet von M. Kalmbach

Über uns

Seeing the devastating effects of the pandemic of HIV&Aids in our society and seeing that still this pandemic is accompanied by high stigmatisation and denial, we believe that professional counselling and comprehensive information, by not hiding our Christian background, can result in many people opening up towards the issue of HIV&Aids and its consequences and consequently changing their behaviour.
We believe that this project will make a difference in the lives of many people and the community at large and by that we may be a light in this world and a source of hope for many.
For the purpose of financial security of this project we will also build rental accommodation [single rooms, bachelor flats and family units].
1. To provide counselling in an open and friendly environment for infected and affected members of the community.
2. To provide knowledge about HIV&Aids and its treatment.
3. To provide training on treatment literacy, gender issues, human rights etc.
4. To network with other organizations that deal with HIV&Aids education, HIV&Aids treatment literacy and access to medication.
5. To break stigma and silence around HIV&Aids by educating the wider community
6. To get sick people who are unemployed to become productive through Income Generating Projects and skills training.
7. To engage the local Home Based Care (HBC) groups to improve the service to the community by offering training and workshops.
8. To support prevention measures in order to eliminate new infections (“those who are negative shall remain negative”).
9. To promote healthy lifestyle especially for the young people.


12 Cemetry Street