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Über uns

Ongoing Myanmar is the first project of the ongoing idea: a serviceable investigation about which knowledge, skills & values from different countries, cultures and societies are worth to save, to support and to exchange.
ongoing follows an wholistic approach because there's no reasonable economical development without personal, educational and cultural welfare.
ongoing prefers small, simple & sustainable solutions to enable common people working on their own future.
ongoing aims on remoted areas to give a real alternative to rural depopulation and unwanted development impacts like excessive tourism & mass consumption, prostitution and sweat shops.
ongoing is an open source project & counts on you!
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Myanmar is on the move. The country faces an amazing transformation process to the good
which might be incomparable to everything happened before and that could also be a model
for other regions. But the continuing worldwide financial crisis and the rising insight that most
of our precious ressources are limited leads us to rethink economic and social growth from
new perspectives.
Applicable solutions for local people are needed to create the highest attractive awareness not
simply for maximizing the benefits but also to make everyone feel responsible for the environ-
ment in which we want to live.

The Ongoing idea aims to mutually strengthen civil societies in Myanmar and Western countries.
By the joint development of microprojects we create a democratic, intercultural and creative
exchange process that enables small entrepreneurs to shape their civil society in a meaningful
way. We assume that an equal exchange of skills, experiences and techniques will reveal ele-
mentary solutions in direct communication with the local people - focusing on these sectors:

● qualified student exchange program
● sustainable tourism knowledge exchange
● intercultural skills exchange
● incubating economy & community hubs

Ongoing Myanmar is part of a growing and independent worldwide innovation network based on
internet communication and real local structures - also known as 'makerscene' in Europe and the
US. Topics like startup funding, lean leadership, project management and economy but also com-
munity building, diy solutions, sharing, prototyping, enabling and responsibility are the essential
core of already existing sustainable and exemplary microprojects we can learn from.

These tools are well suited to prevent the dependence of a country's development from big, only
profit-focused institutions and to instead create a strongly community-driven development pro-
cess that results in a fully functional, participative civil society.

We are a group of people with highly diverse skills and backgrounds and we want to bring our
abilities together with the capabilities of the people in Myanmar to make common microprojects
happen. What brings us together is our training and practice of design thinking and the curiosity
of exploring the possibilities of the method in the context of civil societies.



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