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Niramaya Health Foundation

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Über uns

Niramaya Team
Niramaya team includes public health consultants and full time program officers, professional social workers, coordinators, counselors, health supervisors, health workers, van drivers and supporting administrative staff

Field Area
Slums of Mumbai and Tribal villages of Nasik

Niramaya’s Beneficiaries:
• 2-6 yrs olds, and Primary school children
• School going as well as school drop out youth
• Community women
• Migrant textile workers
• Street and shelter home children
• Rag pickers
• Tribals

Niramaya’s Programs
Niramaya focuses on the healthcare of children, adolescent girls and women in reproductive age group, migrant workers and rag pickers in the dumping ground. Various programs run by Niramaya are as follows:
1. Anemia Control and Prevention Program: The program covers the children in the age group of 2-6 years in the Balwadis of Mumbai and older children in five Primary schools. Major activities of the program are Supplementation of Iron Folic Acid and Albendazole, nutritional health education to the mothers are annual check up of the children and mothers. About 8000 children are reached through this program in the Balwadis of Mumbai.

2. SPARSH: Sensitization Program for Adolescents in Reproductive and Sexual Health: This program is specially designed for adolescents in low socioeconomic strata to impart them with knowledge about reproductive and sexuality rights, health and develop skills in tackling the related issues. The program also tackles the problem of nutritional anemia in adolescent girls by giving them iron folic acid supplementation, deworming and nutrition education. The Program functions in schools and slum communities in Mumbai. Training of Trainers is also offered under this program to other agencies like NGOs and GOs. Niramaya has reached over 10000 youth this year.
Training of Trainers (TOT) - Training of Trainers for other partner organizations and Corporate on need basis, also Early Child Care Education and Development (ECED) for Balwadi Teachers in Mumbai and DRC training for Pratham Teachers in other states

3. Baiganwadi Community Health Care Program: Baiganwadi is a big slum area situated next to dumping ground at Deonar. Niramaya runs a health center in the area since last eight years to cater to the health of the communities residing in the area. Services offered under the program are clinical care and outreach services. At the clinic, daily morning outdoor is conducted to provide primary health care. Health educations sessions on various topics like addiction, family planning, and women’s health problems are organized in the afternoon. Outreach services include door-to-door visits to reach children below two years, their lactating mothers, pregnant mothers and adolescent girls. A growth chart for children below two years is maintained. This year, Niramaya treated about 8000 patients in the health center. A Gynaecology outdoor is held every Thursday to look after the health needs of the women in the area.

4. Rag picker Health Care Program :( Funded by Glaxo SmithKline): Deonar Dumping ground is the biggest dumping ground in Mumbai located on the outskirts of Northeast Mumbai. The 200-hectare garbage dumping ground receives 4,000 tonnes to 5,000 tonnes of garbage that Mumbai city produces every day. Niramaya runs this program to looking after the health needs of the rag picker children and women working at Deonar Dumping ground. Niramaya reaches the beneficiaries through mobile van camps, static clinic and home visits. Emphasis is given on maintaining personal hygiene with minimum resources. Health educations sessions on various topics like personal hygiene, environmental hygiene, addiction, family planning, and women’s health problems are organized in the afternoon. Outreach services include door-to-door visits to reach children below two years, their lactating mothers, pregnant mothers and adolescent girls. During home visits, a health dialogue is established with mothers on the important issues like Breastfeeding, Malnutrition, Immunization, antenatal care, and family planning.
5. Focused Intervention (Adolescent Anemia): Baiganwadi and Shivaji Nagar are compromising upto 4 Lakhs of population. Majority of population is from minority community. Niramaya initiated health program with special focus on adolescent anemia and behavior change strategy. Adolescents are provided with Iron folic acid tablets and deworming Albendazole tablets. Hemoglobin testing is carried out as pre and post strategy to see the impact. Throughout the year, health education and awareness sessions are carried out for these beneficiaries. Health checkup camp, marker day celebration, cooking demonstrations etc activities are conducted. We have reached upto 5000 direct beneficiaries from bainganwadi community for two years.

6. Aarogyasanvardhan Project (Supported by Glenmark): This is first year to start this project in Andheri Marol pipeline area for Children, pregnant and lactating women with focusing on issues like malnutrition, immunization and sanitation in the community covering upto 7000 direct beneficiaries and almost 2000 households from the five major slum communities. 25 Women as peers are working in the field. Health checkups on every alternate month, peers sensitization trainings, Health awareness and education trainings for women of the community and various health marker day celebrations are major activities throughout the year.

7. Tribal Health Care Program in Nasik district: This program has been undertaken by Niramaya to provide primary health care in the remote tribal districts of Nasik. Nasik city is a fast growing city and is located 160 km from Mumbai. Peth block in Nasik is situated 80 km from the city nearing Gujrat state. Being a remote hilly area, the block is miles away from even the basic amenities like water and transport. Niramaya in collaboration with Glaxo SmithKline runs two health centers and mobile van clinics providing curative, preventive and promotive primary health care and a referral network for management of serious cases. The centers also run antenatal and well baby clinics to focus on children and women’s health. The team conducts health education sessions on immediate health related issues like Antenatal care, children rearing practices, family planning, addictions and superstition.


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