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COSMOPOLITAN FUTURE (world & kids for africa).
Our first mission is to have this space turned into a computer class by 2014 latest 2015
the mission begins with getting a roof over the space and will be introduced for you to be able to support it financially. If your heart is already in it just reading this & after the documentary movie on the school "the very first Primary school of Tema ever" build in 1957 then we ask of you to donate what you can. The documentary movie on this very important topic & issue will be added to this cause and page as soon as it is ready, in this movie, we talk with The head master (Ivy Nary Twedaacy) of the school about the topic and more. She has been teaching for 39 years of her life in this Ghana system and we will stay in close contact with her during the process of seeing this mission thru. Important note, in 2014 this great woman will be retiring from being a head master, as she goes into an age where this is required and she, as well as we would love to have completed this mission by then to add to mostly her list of achievements in life as a teacher "head master in this case" that would mean a great deal to me, so open your hearts and donate as much money for this worthy cause as you can. If this is achieved this cause will not only be a great improvement for the school & the teaching of these kids alone, but this projects succes will be a loud signal and lead the way for more schools in Ghana & Africa to take innitiatives to get real computers for lessons instead of only books without actually using the computer to learn how to use a computer in school classes.