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Positive Women

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Über uns

Positive Women is a charity set up to empower women and children in Africa, starting with Swaziland. Our work focuses on supporting communities to change their own lives and circumstances, to alleviate poverty and make significant social change. To achieve this, they must have their basic needs met, choices in their lives and an understanding of their rights. We help make this happen.

Swaziland currently faces the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence in the world and
the lowest life expectancy of anywhere in the world. People have limited
access to healthcare or knowledge on living with the disease. Women can
be powerless to prevent infection of HIV/AIDS and support their families if
widowed, and their situation is exacerbated by living in a patriarchal society.
Women are often blamed for the spread of the disease and lose their
homes; children are left orphaned, without basic education and have to run
households in the face of poverty and disease.
Through funding primary school places for HIV/AIDS orphans and other
vulnerable children, funding nutrition gardens to provide food security and creating women-led income generation projects Positive Women is empowering the women of
Swaziland to secure a different, better future.


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