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I work with the orphans in the Rural part of Kenya.

Oyugis region is one of the most active regions in Lake Diocese of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya situated in the Western part of Kenya. Lake Diocese is currently covering over five counties belonging to Nyanza and Western provinces. In the parishes of Oyugis Region many families are faced with problems in that these families are either headed by a single parent with the higher percentage being women who are the sole breadwinners in the home. On the other hand, some families are headed by orphans meaning that both parents are dead and orphans have turned out to be the family breadwinners. In such contexts, it becomes a nightmare to put something to eat on the table, clothes to put on, not to mention their health care. Quite a big percentage of these orphans drop out of school and either become street children or thugs and robbers.
There is also another category of people who are forgotten in the society; these are the less fortunate families or vulnerable families. They are families where both parents are alive but are total peasants, are very old or living with terminal illnesses. These families in many ways face the same challenges as the families headed with a single parent or an orphan.

1. Emergency fund. Funds which will be used for emergency cases, which might arise in the programme. It will be meant for food, healthcare and referrals, shelter etc.
2. Sustainability fund. Funds meant for creating income generating activities to empower vulnerable families to sustain themselves. It will be meant for farm inputs, animal draft power (bulls + ploughs, hens, goats, sheep, fish farming etc), smallscale business etc.
3. Education - bursary and partial scholarships. Funds meant to support orphans and children from vulnerable families with the ability to learn. It will not be a full sponsorship and distributed according to funds available.

In bringing joy to the parentless.
In bringing hope to the fatherless
In praying for this program, its commencement continuity and expansion
In making this program a better one through your little donations
In taking this program a notch higher by finding friends, agencies, bodies and organization who can be able to support these orphans on a monthly basis or in a way that fits the donor so that these orphans may be able to get food, health care and school items.
In coming up with a sustainability fund and making the home standing on its own.
In creating a bursary which will help in the education of orphans and vulnerable children.

I have succeeded in attaching 30 orphans to guardians who will be responsible for their upkeep if each orphan would be able to get a maximum of 25 € every month but one is free to give what he or she can be able to raise towards this endeavour. Also to benefit from the program are children from valnerable families; parents in the vulnerable families will be the ones to use any support offered to enhances their family livelyhoods.

For the start the programme will be managed and controlled from the Mission Office at Atemo.

Please find it in your heart to support this program.

Jared Magero,
Parish pastor of Atemo, Education Secretary of ELCK/LD


Oginga Street

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