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Fabulous Gambia Training Center Charity

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Über uns

Fabulous Gambia Training Center Charity, kurz Fabulous Charity oder auch in Gambia bekannt als Fabulous Academy ist eine von deutschen gegründete Gambianische Charité. Unser Ziel ist es Jugendlichen eine Zukunft durch eine, an der deutschen Berufsausbildung orientierten, Ausbildung zu bieten, siehe auch www.fgtcc.org.

Auszug aus unserem donation Anschreiben:

In the Gambia are many organisations for the training of kids and young people in Kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. This is good and necessary, but what will these young people doing after their school exams. They have to learn a skill to earn their and their families living. This training normally is very costly, 20000 Dalasi and more are normal. Many young people have not the money for this training. As a result a lot of the young girls fall into early pregnancy and the young boys doing wrong thinks, spoiling all their future.

Fabulous Academy (official Fabulous Gambia Training Center Charity) is a charity in the Gambia. Our goal is to train Gambian Youth in different professions, following the dual training system, means a training of the profession in theory and praxis. But we not only train our students in the relevant skills, we also improve their personality, so that they can become a useful member of the Gambian society. Ever students never mind what faculty will be trained in hygienic, manners and behaviour, English language is the training language and will be learned or improved by using it daily.

We are approved and licenced by the NTA. The National Training Authority, a Gambian government institution responsible for adult training.

All our trainings are for the student free of charge, we even more help them with allowances for transport and living. The students get a daily lunch, so they can fully concentrate on their study. Please see also www.fgtcc.org .


P.O.Box 2964

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