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HomeGas Uganda

wird verwaltet von E. Emodyai (Kommunikation)

Über uns

The world is grappling with the challenge of climatic change resulting from de-forestation and heavy industrialization; the world economy and individual finance have greatly diminished in the last 2-3 years; and Uganda's energy consumption matrix stands at about 93% biomass, 5% electricity and 2% LPG. The real estate industry has considerably slowed down in the last 2-3 years having experienced phenomenon growth at the turn century. These facts point to the need to look for non-trivial energy solutions that will save both the environment and the economy of Uganda.

One of the timely God sent interventions is the discovery of oil and gas fields in Uganda, and if environmental requirements are well taken care of in the extraction process, use of this clean energy source presents us with an opportunity to preserve the endangered global environment since it will minimise use of forest cover as a source of energy.

HomeGas has extensively studied LPG distribution requirements and we believe our safe and efficient distribution chain will bring immense benefits to most communities and ensure that the endangered environment is protected and safe. Implementing this service will reduce presure on forests for fuel thereby encouraging most people to use clean energy for both domestic and industrial use.

We have no doubt that this innitiative if supported by you through donation will contribute to improved compliance with the safety requirements of the Condominium Act, and Petroleum Supply Act, 200; and preservation of the endangered global environment especially from industrial carbon emmisions.


Namirembe Road

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