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Clean Upper Dharamshala Programme

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Founded in 1994 as an urgent necessary action against the unbearable and dangerous waste situation in Upper Dharamshala in the early 1990s, the CUDP since then established a steadily improving solid waste management system which collects between 1.5 to 2.3 tons of waste per day. The programme`s 42 full-time employees do not only collect waste to prevent dramatically impacts on environment but we also set a clear focus on reusing and recycling the collected waste as far as possible. For this, the CUDP runs the "Handmade Recycling Paper Factory" where lots of waste paper, cardboard and cotton is used to produce eco-friendly books, postcards, frames, etc. All other recycleable kinds of waste are segregated by our "Green Workers" to sell to recycling agents. The development of a composting project to reuse food waste is in planning. Furthermore, we set a high priority on educating young people in environmental issues and creating awareness among the elder generations through regular events and signboards providing information. Through this, we hope to create a sustainable improvement of peoples behavior according to environmental issues. The special and fascinating thing about the CUDP is that it doesn't work for profit or because of legal obligations but out of a feeling of being responsible for the nature and the planet we life on.


Bhagsu Road
McLeod Ganj

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