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Kirenet (Kisuri Resource Network)

wird verwaltet von S. Mbewa

Über uns

The Likoni area is primarily a residential district of Mombasa, separated south from the Island by the Likoni Ferry. The area faces many challenges including high unemployment as well as the presence of HIV/AIDS that has left many children and youths orphaned and unable to attend school. It’s due to this that Kisuri Resource Network (KIRENET), a Community Based Organization, was founded, to respond to these needs.
Since its establishment in 2005, KIRENET has been involved in alternative programs that seek to equip orphaned and vulnerable youths with necessary resources that they need to be successful in life. And this includes offering technological education such as Computer literacy and Tailoring courses, as well as providing mentorship and a caring community.
The offered trainings as specified provide the youths with the opportunity to either get jobs in a pre-existing business or foremost, start their own small businesses in order to begin earning the very direly needed income for their upkeep.

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

I triggered a payout for these needs:

  S. Mbewa  23. Juni 2014 um 17:46 Uhr

We want to advance our computer training course by purchasing additional computers. We also want to hold a business training workshop for our course graduating beneficiaries for the last and the current quarters.

A donation amount of €801.00 was requested for the following needs:

The Computer Literacy Project €381.00Donations for ongoing educational projects €420.00


Likoni Ukunda Road

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