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Global Focus on Cancer

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Global Focus on Cancer’s mission is to raise awareness, provide support and create a global network of cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and medical professionals. Our goal is to increase awareness, decrease stigma and encourage early detection and treatment by increasing access to information about cancer.

GFC was formed in 2011 as a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to act as an agent of simple and effective change to help reduce the global burden of cancer. We do this through creating, implementing and sustaining cancer awareness programs and supporting the development of cancer support groups in countries where access to information about cancer is critically lacking.

GFC partners with local organizations to connect them with established global cancer resources. We translate existing cancer awareness materials and create new informational pamphlets in the local language that promote cancer awareness, early detection and treatment options. We utilize our relationships with doctors, hospitals, cancer organizations and multinational corporations to create and distribute country specific literature and to host cancer awareness seminars. We assist in creating new, and expanding upon existing, cancer support groups using established, successful models and adapting them to fit the individual country.

GFC has developed a dual track approach in each target country that consists of:
➢ Cancer support groups in hospitals and other health care facilities.
➢ Cancer awareness programs delivered in the work environment.


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