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Über uns

One day, a bunch of crazy peace activists imagined a Peace Caravan that would travel across Europe to deliver a message of peace, a colourful bus full of happy volunteers spreading the word on the roads, in the cities and countryside of Europe. And the craziest thing- they actually decided to implement it!
Some months later, the project took a slightly different shape: volunteers will no longer travel by bus but with public transport, and it will not be a single group but four successive teams of volunteers who will travel from Finland to Spain, visiting 13 countries on the way.
But the message is still the same, and unfortunately now more than ever crucial for our times: we hear about armed conflicts starting and terrorism, about social injustice and discrimination, about glorification of materialism and aggressiveness. Now more than ever it is important to remind all members of our societies that violence is not the answer and that at every level (between countries, at society level, between each others, with nature) conflict resolution is essential to build a better world.
So here they are, the 26 volunteers ready to take the road and share their convictions with the people they will meet, ready to engage with locals and foreign volunteers to develop together a culture of peace. Building this project was no mean feat and organisers and hosting branches have made tremendous efforts to make this amazing event take place. We managed to raise funds to cover most of the costs and everybody did an effort to keep costs as low as possible, but there are still gaps in the budget that needs to be covered.
In a project called “No Borders for Peace” national borders have to be crossed to bring together young people from all over the world. Ironically, we found out that some volunteers would have to pay enormous amounts of money to be able to get a visa to enter some of the countries crossed by the Peace Caravan. We need therefore your help to cover these costs!
We funded the project mainly with a grant from European Youth Foundation, but it is only covers part of the costs. Participating branches have raised funds as well, and volunteers also contributed but there is still a gap in our budget. We are currently fundraising, however we would like to call on you to help us to cover the visa and travel costs of some of the participants from conflict zones (Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Egypt & Kosovo), to enable them to join the project despite the fact that they are not EU nationals.
Every little helps, even a few euros! But we prepared a few surprises for those who can donate more.

e are a group of volunteers from different branches of SCI (Service Civil International), who set up a group called 'No More War', whose goal is to help SCI people and the rest of the world to realize that a pacifist world is POSSIBLE! You can find more information about our vision and activities here:http://www.no-more-war.net/our-vision/

Service Civil International (SCI) is a volunteer organisation dedicated to promoting a culture of peace by organising international voluntary projects for people of all ages and backgrounds. The organisation consists of 44 branches and an ever growing number of partner organisations. You can find more information about the organisation, its activities and how to be involved here: http://www.sciint.org


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