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Living Heart

wird verwaltet von F. Karaivanova

Über uns

Founded in August 2007 as an official Peruvian charity by Sonia Newhouse, Living Heart is a not-for-profit organisation, registered both in the UK and Peru, struggling to reduce malnutrition and family violence by supporting more than 2,500 vulnerable children, women and men in the most disadvantaged highland communities of the Sacred Valley, Peru.
For centuries, these remote communities have been marginalized and ignored. Living Heart advocates the right of every child to health, education and a brighter future. Our aim is to develop holistic, sustainable projects that work together with the community in the areas of Nutrition, Health, Education and Sustainable Agriculture. Through working collaboratively alongside the most disadvantaged local people we aim to create a more sustainable, long-term solution.
Living Heart is not a hand-out organisation. We empower local children, women and men to help themselves and help others. We operate with integrity and compassion, using local produce and solutions, keeping it simple to achieve results.
We operate with integrity, transparency, protection, compassion and love. We are not affiliated with any religion or profit-making organisation. We uphold a high level of integrity throughout all operations ensuring that all initiatives are researched, manageable, sustainable, efficient, culturally sensitive and moral.


San Martin C-1, San Blas

F. Karaivanova

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