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Thai Children's Trust

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Über uns

With your help, we provide a home, education and future for nearly 4000 children, and reach out to thousands more through health and nutrition projects.

We send more than £700,000 each year to support the most vulnerable children in Thailand.

Over 30 years ago a baby was left on the doorstep of a Catholic priest in Pattaya. Father Ray Brennan took the child in, and with this single compassionate act the Thai Children's Trust was born.

The Thai Children's Trust is now the largest UK charity focusing on Thailand, supporting projects in Pattaya, Rayong, Nong Khai, the south and the west of Thailand.

Our mission is to support the most needy children in Thailand: orphans, children with HIV and AIDS, street kids, refugee children and children with disabilities.

Today, with the generosity of people like you, we provide a safe and loving home, including food, shelter, medical care and access to education to nearly 4000 children.

You can help us continue this invaluable work. By sponsoring a child, you too can help give a child a chance in life.

Thai Children's Trust is a registered charity number 1085407. Details of our Trustees and copies of our audited accounts are available in this section of the site.


124 North End House

Thai Children's T.

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