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About MMAP
The Millennium Movement Against Poverty is a socioeconomic Non-Governmental, Non-profit, Non Political Organization (NGO), a nationwide federation of smaller indigenous community based groups irrespective of tribe, age, gender, religion, and qualification/profession based at Jasikan in the Volta Region of Ghana. Formed by a group of well-meaning Ghanaians in 2008 as a community based group committed to general values and welfare of nature, environment, humanity, alongside development with the basic aim of empowering Ghanaians in sustainable development, human and material resources for self sufficiency, productivity, education, and improving socio-economic status of Ghanaians by providing access to basic social needs for eradication of poverty as a contribution towards the achievement of millennium development goals and its sustenance.
Our organization aims at responding to the Global Call to Action Against Poverty and its Sustainability in Ghana as our contribution towards the achievement of Millennium Development Goals by the year 2020 for appropriate sustainable socioeconomic policies to empower, guide, facilitate and sustain job/wealth creation for economic growth.


To create jobs/wealth throughout Ghana by making maximum use of all available human and material resources in a sustainable way in all communities

To transform live by mobilizing marginalize and deprived community women and Ghanaians in general in to socioeconomic groups for training and development.

To broaden Ghanaians scope of development and knowledge in all aspect of their social, education and economic lives through training workshops, seminars, educational and awareness programs and activities.

To empower Women/Ghanaians for sustainable income generation activities for self reliance, sufficiency, livelihood and improving living conditions for social change/food security.

Mission Statement
The Millennium Movement Against Poverty exist to raise the socioeconomic status of its Members/Ghanians and Africans through network of education on antipoverty activities/programs, investment in sustainable aggro-based long term structures, to wipe out poverty by the year 2020. Fighting poverty is our collective goal (global perspective) and sustaining it is our collective responsibility (individual perspective).
Vision Statement
The Millennium Movement Aganist Poverty exist to promote the welfare of its Members/Ghanians in order to break the vicious circles of poverty and to boost their morale befitting nature, environment and humanity through proactive processes and client focused in all its activities/programs in pragmatic way by the year 2020 and beyond



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