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Semay - Goods to Give

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SEMAY - Goods to Give

We, a group of international students with Professor Dr. Claudia Hensel from the University of Applied Sciences Mainz have teamed up as an “International Social Responsibility” group for the purpose of bringing a new social project named SEMAY to life, which deals with certain social topics in Developing Countries.

SEMAY was established in May 2012. Its goal is to understand the life in these countries, to see the cultural differences and to raise awareness for Social Responsibility. Our campaigns help those who cannot help themselves by providing jobs, food and hope. One of SEMAY’s projects will be about helping Ethiopian women to sell their handcraft products (e.g. scarves, baskets) through distribution platforms in European countries like France, Germany, Kosovo, Spain and others. We also want other international students from continents like Africa (South Africa), Asia (Vietnam), Australia and North (Mexico) & South America (Argentina) to inspire and motivate others in their home countries to improve and support the idea of helping and growing together. One day, we want to grow as an international project that can provide other national “Social Responsibility” project groups.

We want to particularly highlight our co-operation with FWFWCA (Former Women Fuel Wood Carriers Association) who is supporting the same initiative. This association was established in 1993, and since its beginnings it has been of high social value for dozens of women and their families living in Mt. Entoto, Ethiopia.

FWFWCA's leadership is working closely with CHF (Connected in Hope Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation, www.connectedinhope.org) to bring these women's products onto global markets, to prioritize individual and collective needs, to provide training opportunities where needed, to ensure sustainable income for them to be able to afford easier access to basic health and care institutions.

Our mission in 2012 – Project in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
- Raise at least $1.000 for building a safer pathway to the weaving mill for the women
- Develop an enduring marketing concept for the Ethiopian Women
- Make SEMAY a global project by finding more supporters worldwide
- Build a communication platform by promoting the project’s website and Facebook page

From the beginning of SEMAY, we achieved a lot, e.g.
* creating and developing a brand
* constructing and launching our own project webpage
* making photos and videos for our project catalogue
* promoting our project at different events like the SWR Unitalk with one of Germany’s most popular talk masters, Mr. Günther Jauch on April 24th or the ASTA FH Party on May 4th where we sold buttons and collected donations
* organizing an information booth on the Opening Day – May 12nd at the university’s campus
* and last but not least we organize for fundraising party at the 50° Club on Thursday June 14, 2012 in Mainz. For more information, please read the news and blog on our webpage http://semayproject.com

In July 2012 we want to visit Ethiopia to meet the women and to hand over the donations to them. During our one week journey we plan to pay visits to a clinic in Modjo for women and children and a flower plantation in Debrazeit. Finally, during a three day workshop we will meet students at the Addis Abeba University of International Marketing & Strategy to share our experiences.

For donations, please find the project's bank account data below

Account holder: Landeshochschulkasse Mainz
Bank: Deutsche Bundesbank Filiale Mainz
IBAN: DE25 5500 0000 0055 0015 11
***Reason for transfer: # 9600-28201-3317201***
(***Important! Please always add the mentioned number to your donation transfer.)

Many thanks for your support and donation in advance.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to support us, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Website http://semayproject.com/
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/semayproject
E-mail: semayproject(at)googlemail.com

Kind regards,
SEMAY Project Team

Lan-Anh Nguyen
Fundraising Cordination
Supervised by Prof. Dr. Claudia Hensel

Fachhochschule Mainz
University of Applied Sciences
Lucy-Hillebrand-Straße 2
55128 Mainz

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