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International Peace Initiatives

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About IPI-Kenya
International Peace Initiatives (IPI) is an International Non Governmental Organization (INGO) that works to support and advocate for the needs and rights of children who are orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS and women living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya. IPI has been operational in Imenti North District since the year 2003. Since we believe that peace is not merely the absence of war but access to basic needs (health, food, education, economic freedom, life, shelter, etc), IPI works for peace in the form of social, spiritual, economic stability, health and transformation of people and communities through education, enterprise (entrepreneurial skills development) and empowerment.
IPI endeavors to strengthen the capacity of women living with HIV/AIDS, their families and communities to care for women and children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS. IPI has created a number of core programs that support these marginalized groups: (i). The Amani Children’s Homes (ACHs) are child centered, family focused, and community based interventions to support and care for children infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable children. (ii). The Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Education Fund (OVCEF) supports orphans and vulnerable children stay in school. (iii). The Community Support Initiatives (CSI) is a program that builds community capacity to effectively respond to challenges of HIV/AIDS, poverty and violence. (iv). Institute for Nonviolence and Peace (INPEACE) convenes transformative conferences that highlight gains made by women fighting HIV/AIDS, poverty and violence at the grassroots level; initiates training in HIV/AIDS awareness creation and reduction of stigma and discrimination; conducts effective intercultural communication workshops; and facilitates conflict transformation and peacebuilding workshops through people-focused, human rights based and participatory action approaches. (v). Network of Enterprise Initiative is a strategy for sustainability in IPI projects. This is an effort to create a planned, sustainable network of agricultural products and cottage industries to support IPI’s projects.


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International Peace I.

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