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Natural Life Development Organization

wird verwaltet von Rana Sada S.

Über uns


Natural Life Development Organization (NLDO) is a non Government and non-profit organization which was established in January, 1974 and after four years continuous working in the grass root level it got registered under Social Welfare (registration & control) ordinance 1961 in 1978. Some welfare minded people and development professionals consisted of women and men decided to form an Organization in the name of Natural Life Development Organization in Khurrianwala, district Faisalabad. NLDO is working in back ward Rural area of Southern Punjab i.e. Faisalabad District. This area is deprived from all basic facilities of Health, Education, Agriculture development resources and lacs of awareness of basic human rights. Most families are poor and their Women are working in Factories. The organization is trying to provide basic facilities of Health, (family planning, Reproductive health and mother care health) empowerment of women through improving of their socio-economic conditions by identifying their needs and creation of job opportunity for them, following basic women rights, gender equality, advocacy campaign violence against women.

NLDO Carries out its operations without having religious, lingual, political and social discriminations to motivate the rural communities, particularly the women to take an active part in social developmental process. The organization strives hard to develop women in to active, productive and dynamic citizens of the country - side by side of male members, who are mostly deprived and victims.


266Rb Khurrianwala Distt Faisalabad Safdar Shahbaz Market Lahore Road

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