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Diamoci la Zampa

wird verwaltet von Corinna E.

Über uns

Diamoci la Zampa was founded in 1988. At that time dogs captured in the streets were euthanized after some weeks in case no one had claimed for them. Our organization visited the local polder each week on the day before the vet went out in order to save as many dogs as possible from certain death.
Dogs were put in pension: the number of dogs we could rescue was proportional to the donations. This is the way in which I started my carrer as volounteer for abandoned dogs.
In 1991 finally the law prohibited euthanasia. Animal friends were happy. Unfortunately the polders were not ready to host hundreds of dogs and the result war terrible: dogs killed each other, the weak and shy had no food, there was not enough protection in summer from heat and in winter from cold. Dogs literally survived.
If many shelters have improved their quality many others are still in the conditions as above. Most shelters in Italy are horror places where hundreds (sometimes a shelter can even contain up to 1000 units) of dogs struggle to survive.
Our organization exists since 20 years. Although we have done our best, this is far from satisfaction.
Since the demand for adopting a dog in Italy is so unproportionate to the number of dogs waiting to be rescued.........we have established since many years a co-operation with many German organizations which seriously re-allocate our dogs in Germany.
At the same time we work locally, that is we sterilize as many dogs as we can, either from shelters or from private owners.

To continue this fight we need financial support to allow us to:
@ save the dog by putting it in a private pension and preparing (vaccination, tests, chip, passport) it for its journey abroad - you can give your donation in form of a "distance adoption";
@ bring the dog from Italy to Germany - you can give your donation to help us buy a mini-bus;
@ sterilize as many dogs as possible locally.


Via Cesare Battisti n. 19
San Donato Milanese

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