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Comprehensive Community Rehabilitation Tanzania

wird verwaltet von K. Thomas

Über uns

CCBRT stands for Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania. Adopting a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation is essential if there is to be a long lasting impact on the lives of children and adults with disabilities and HIV/Aids orphaned children. By considering all aspects of life, we are able to achieve true and enduring change. Working in and working with the community is crucial for the successful rehabilitation of patients. Therefore, CCBRT opts to provide physical rehabilitation through medical care at the CCBRT disability hospital. It also supports patients so they can become socially and economically empowered, promotes and protects human rights and assists in the social inclusion of persons with disabilities into their local communities through CCBRT community programmes.

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

Funds received!

  K. Thomas  15. Dezember 2009 um 14:36 Uhr

Dear Friends of CCBRT!

I have just received an email from Betterplace confirming that they have transfered the funds for the eye surgeries. Again, many thanks to all of you! This is a great Christmas present for 50 blind people in Tanzania.

BBC has also put some pictures of CCBRT up. Check:


A merry festive season to all of you!


Best wishes,





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