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Fill 100x100 original rock kids smile square


Tom Z.
Tom Z. schrieb am 18.12.2012

A BIG THANK YOU to all Donors who made HAPPINESS IN MULLAITIVU a reality !!!Please take 2 Minutes to watch this film:

________________________________________C.A.N - stands for Conscious Action Network. The word NETWORK here has 2 meanings.

1. It stands for something like a News-Network or Media-Channel

2. More importantly it stands for a NETWORK of people who are interested in making a difference - quickly, simply, directly, effectively and getting to see the results on film. YOU are part of this C.A.Network. The films are our a tool for this interactive changemaking. They bridge the distance between You (where ever you are) and the changemakers somewhere on this planet - who are also a part of the C.A.Network.The films shall not only inform but entertain, uplift, inspire and empower because they show what a difference we can make when we work together.TOGETHER WE C.A.N.

This Winter 2013 the C.A.N filmmakers will go on TOUR again. However - because we will travel faster this time, we might not be able to make Interactive Double Features, because for this we need to spend at least 3 week in one place. Instead we will work with a C.A.N DONATION POT - from which we can act instantly. E.G.: The roof of an orphanage need repair - we get it fixed and make a film about it.We then post these films as soon as possible and credit the donors of the pot.If you feel like giving us a head start, please donate to C.A.N here at betterplace:

We are looking forward to making a difference together - because: TOGETHER WE C.A.N

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year in case the world doesn't end on Friday...

And of course: SUPPORT C.A.N - help the network grow - LIKE, SHARE, POST...THANK YOU.much LOVEtOm

_____________________________________________________________________• JOIN C.A.N on FACEBOOK:• SUBSCRIBE C.A.N on YouTube:• C.A.N website:• WATCH the GERMAN FILM:• ACTION & CARE TRUST: