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Tom Z.
Tom Z. schrieb am 26.01.2012 NEWS !!! You already donated enough money to open ONE Happiness Center (for €2000) in March.  THAT IS FANTASTIC!!! THANK YOU !!! This not only helps the children of MULLAITIVU (where the final battles of the Sri Lankan war happened exactly 3 years ago) it also helps their children and all future generations to come. It also supports the work of C.A.N and the work of A.C.T.Our aim is to open MORE CENTERS (at least two - that's what the busget of €4000 will cover) and if donations keep coming in as they are we will be able to make it happen together ... and that will be even more fantastic.THANK YOU C.A.N-FRIENDS !!! We hope you feel some Happiness yourself - knowing that because of YOUR CONSCIOUS ACTION some kids will learn to play an instrument, others will learn English, and a few might even become famous sport stars - who knows ... but ALL of them will have a happier future - because of YOU!!!“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” Dalai Lama XIV