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Brad's first marathon - Tokyo (February 26, 2012)

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I forwarded our remaining collected money to these projects

B. Hu
B. Hu schrieb am 06.04.2013

Choki Traditional Art School: €2,995.00

Dear family, friends and colleagues,

Thank you all once again for your generous donations in support of my first marathon last year in Tokyo.

The first charity I selected (Tsunagari-Nukumori Project in Japan) has been fully funded through our contributions.

In order to fully disseminate the remaining contributions, I have selected another charity (Choki Traditional Art School in Bhutan).  We will be providing aid to disadvantaged children who could not continue their education due to financial reasons as well as contributing to the preservation of Bhutan's cultural heritage.  We will be funding tuition, food, lodging and solar water heating equipment.