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Educated the orphans,vulnerable and destitute children in kenya

V. OBONNA schrieb am 14.12.2011


Caritas Mariana believes that every child has a right to education, health, safety and a comprehensive set of services to help them reach their full potential in life. Significant disparities exist in the support systems and opportunities available to many children in kenya, and early investment in their futures is undervalued and neglected. Illiteracy has been one of the major problems in Africa and has contributed negatively towards community and human development in Kenya and Africa in generally. This has been as the result of poverty, culture, and lack of educational institutions, and facilities enough to serve the vast population.

Meanwhile, the overarching goal of Caritas Mariana undertaking this project is to address these disparities by creating an enduring capacity to support and advocate for children and youth, particularly those who are disadvantaged on the basis of income, race, culture, gender etc.

Towards this end, Caritas Mariana seeks to embank on this construction of school project to give opportunity to these children and youths who are disadvantaged on the basis of income, race, culture, gender etc to better their future and make meaning out of their lives. Caritas Mariana will also use these opportunities to establish specific program for reforms and to improve the lives of those children and youth who are most are in need.    

Caritas Mariana is an independent Christian-based charitable organization that was founded in September 2001 in Vienna Austria by Father Bethrand Nwachukwu (ocsf). The organization was formed with the sole purpose of helping the poor and the needy around the world. Since its foundation, Caritas Mariana has been engaged in a number of aid and development projects in Kenya.

“We envisage a world where every individual feels responsible for the welfare of their neighbour, where the rift between the rich and the poor is bridged by Love and Compassion. A world where the spoken language is LOVE”

In 2004 we completed a centre that accommodates 55 children, thanks to the Austrian Development Agency Vienna and P.A.C.E Malaga Spain. It is situated along the Nairobi-Thika Garisa road at a place called Gatuanyaga aproximately 55 kilometers from Nairobi. Currently we have 57 children in the center, some are Orphans, destitute, abandoned, early marriage cases etc

There is a project committee which comprises of members of the Gatuanyaga Village community and Caritas Mariana management, and friends from different works of life to ensure the perfect execution of this project.


Caritas Mariana Holy Family Children is situated in Thika district, Central Province, Thika West, Gatuanyaga Village. It comprises of the church chapel, children’s home, Health centre, Music studio, Agricultural farm that concern in the issue of cultivating cereals, vegetables, and fruits.

  Education will help in giving these children hope of a brighter future.