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I forwarded our collected money to these projects

K. Bews
K. Bews schrieb am 11.05.2009

Support and Inspire in Josh's Healing: €170.00

Hello TEAM JOSH :)  I have just forwarded our latest kitty accumulation towards Josh's monthly needs. Myself and Amanda have decided to dedicate an hour a week to Josh's Better Place and his cause.  There is so much possibility out there for Josh, but he needs help in making it happen, initiating processes, brain storming ideas, there is so much help out there but we need to take the time and apply ourselves into bringing ideas to life and making them happen.. we are doing our fist hourly session this week... i hope that this will bring about some new energy flow towards inspiring Josh's cause... i will keep you all updated as we go - and once again - if anyone can take up the challenge and get someone you know to join the team - if we each get 1 person to join the team that would take our team from 12 to 24 strong.. and help us on our goal of fulfilling our monthly target and enriching josh's life an potential.  Much Love to all - KEAH