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Josh Trust- Monthly Expenses

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I forwarded our collected money to these projects

K. Bews
K. Bews schrieb am 14.04.2009

Support and Inspire in Josh's Healing: €277.00

I haven't been onto our TEAM page for a while as things have been really busy, as life goes :) I have just forwarded our accumulative funds towards Josh's Monthly Expenses, the monthly funds that we have donated between us 12 supporters are probably amounting to approx. eur250-300 per month, I will forward them on a monthly basis to cover Josh's monthly costs - his monthly costs are in the region of eur1000 - so more support is definitely needed - I challenge and encourage each one of our team members to try and get at least one person to sign up and support Josh and Join the team this week! Our Team Target would be to reach eur1000 per month in the team Kitty to be donated towards covering Josh's monthly care and therapy expenses! thank you to all -  Love and Light - KEAH