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Josh Trust- Monthly Expenses

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I forwarded our collected money to these projects

K. Bews
K. Bews schrieb am 18.02.2010

Support and Inspire in Josh's Healing: €686.00

A Little Update on Josh:

I have just forwarded a good collection of money form our Team to Josh's trust, it has been a while since i last forwarded funds on.  

Since then we have had some interesting developments with Josh,

His Uncle Lawrence in America has increased his contribution to Josh to R4000 per month to cover the bulk of his carer costs, this does not go through Better Place

His Aunt Maggie in addition to other things has increased her contribution by another R500 per month towards covering the carer costs

I have been covering the costs of all Josh's Fuel for his Van, and have just worked out a plan with my sister Brigitte to get Josh into Therapy Sessions at the Sports Science 3 times per week

Brigitte has just increased her donation through better place by about eur150 for now, this covers the bulk of the monthly therapy costs

I will be covering the increased fuel and travel costs as well as additional costs for hiring a better skilled carer with a licence, this will be done direct and not through better place at this point

The balance of the money that our team is raising is going towards covering a bit of the short fall on the Therapy side, as well as a back up fund in his trust for incidental costs, medical care etc

thank you all so very much for you kind contributions towards Josh's well being, it is a long road and we are figuring things out as we go - but he is doing really well - at the moment my main mission is to get him into this active therapy immediately as he has already lost alot of time by not having the means or the know how to get him into therapy earlier...

So, thanks to all, we will keep you updated as we go with the Therapy - i will ask Josh to start blogging on his page about his experience.  This is going to be great for him, physically mentally and emotionally.

Much Love and Thanks, KEAH