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Copy of Blog Update to Josh's Project Page

K. Bews
K. Bews schrieb am 26.10.2009

Josh's initial needs have all been completed, this through some very generous donations as well as Josh's Team Monthly Expenses - who each contribute a monthly amount, which accumulates and is then forwarded to complete a need on Josh's project.

a few updates and thanks!

The Wendy House Need - Josh's uncle Lawrence recently visited South Africa and paid for a beautiful wendy house for Josh, something they have always needed because of such little space in the small house Josh and his mom live in.  Josh has now moved into the Wendy House with his carer and is incrediby happy to have his own space.  See Pictures attached - it has lovely views over my moms vegetable garden :) Huge thanks to Lawrence.  The next thing we need to do here is have it insulated, my mom has someone to do the insulating and I will arrange with my builder to have the interior roof covereed in thin dials or reeds for a nice rustic finish for his little house.

Josh was very kindly donated a reclining bed and latex matress by Rianne, this allows him the flexibility to either sit up or lie down in bed.  This is especially helpful as Josh works on his computer from his bed.

One of my clients donated eur800 towards Josh, which was originally going to be used towards the Wendy house, but instead was used to get josh a new desktop computer, which came just in time as his old laptop had a serious melt down :).  He now has a brilliant LCD wide screen computer to work on, this is such a gift for him as he spends such a huge amount of time working and communicating on the computer - thank you very much RENATA and ERIC from ED COMMERCIALS all the way in Poland!!!

And a BIG THANK YOU to all on Josh's team who so generously each contribute a small monthly amount which contributes towards Josh's monthly expenses - which at this point are predominantly to cover the fees of his carers.  We challenge everyone to try and get one person to join the team, and contribute eur10 per month towards further achiveing this goal - at present the team accumulates probably around R1800 per month of R5000 cost of carers per month - our goal is to fulfill this need completely and be raising R5000 per month!

I have added new needs to the site which are mainly just for the most important thing at present which is paying for his carers, so i have split it into eur100 segments to easier be fulfilled and have the money released.

I have some exiting news on Josh's therapy and progress which I will update separately.

Huge HUGE thanks and love to you all! KEAH