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I forwarded our collected money to these projects

K. Bews
K. Bews schrieb am 26.10.2009

Support and Inspire in Josh's Healing: €519.00

Hello TEAM JOSH!  It has been some time since my last update - It also seems that you may have not been receiving notification of the updates i was sending out, i do apologise and assure you that we are trying to sort this out - I was sending an update out every time I forwarded our funds to the project, so hoping that you receive this one, you can always check the blog wall to read through the old posts and updates.

Our Team's valuable contributions are contributing towards Josh's monthly expenses, which at the moment are at the bare minimum expenses to pay for his carers, this costs R5000 per month, we are probably accumulating a very valuable R1800 per month between the 12 of us on the Team.  

It would be great if we could each set a goal to each get one person to join the team, and so try and double our contribution, and get one step closer to fulfilling our greater goal.

I have some other very exciting updates regarding Josh's therapy and progress - I will update this separately on the blog page.

Huge thanks and much love to you all, KEAH