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My own plot of rainforest!

L. van Iersel
L. van Iersel schrieb am 04.02.2009

Dear fellow members of the Leo's Promotion Team betterplace.org community,

A mere three days ago I walked into a pub in the centre of Rotterdam, not expecting the bunch of crazy people hiding behind the bar. Of course, these crazy people were my family and friends. When they shouted SURPRISE!!!! I was indeed surprised. I was also extremely happy. Almost everyone I love and care about was in the pub and it was great to see everyone one last time before leaving to New Zealand.

I was also surprised when I heard about the extraordinary present these crazy people bought for me. They actually gave me a bit of rainforest! Their leader, called the Umbrella Lady, told me that they bought a football field of rainforest and that I could do anything I wanted with it, except chopping it down. I think this really is the best present they could have given me! Of course, they didn't bring the rainforest gift wrapped into the pub. They presented me rainforest protection certificates with my name on it. They actually donated quite a lot of money to a project which will help to buy a large piece of rainforest in Guatemala, to protect it and to conserve all the unique animals and plants.

I think this is a great project and a fantastic present. Thanks a lot to all members of the Leo's Promotion Team. Thanks a lot for the great surprise party as well!

Let's put some more money into the team and donate to other good projects as well!