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For Korku Food Security

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korku tribe families worst hit this year

Seema P.
Seema P. schrieb am 18.11.2011

The already vulnearble korku tribe of Khandwa district in Madhay Prdaesh (India) have been worst hit of hunger now. Their soybean crops have failed. Many could not get even half what they sowed. They are forced to migrate . The middlemen are wooing them to work at distant places. Many are migrating first time and even doesnot know where their migration destination will be. All they know that there is no other option. The public employment seems to die out ... they have to repay the loans they had taken during soybean cropping...now they have no hope for next wheat crop in winter ...where will the  money come for seeds and fertilizers..

Men, women and even school going and creche (Anganwadi) children have migrated ... tehy will be out for months... no nutrition, no vaccination , no school... the older sibling will look after teh younger one as parents toil hard on farms, brick kilns, orchards and factories...

The hunger is driving them all around.... hundreds have left amdnmany are reday to leave....

Let's join hands to help them... The grain banks ... we are raising fund for... when tehy return they can access teh garin bank in peak hunger times.