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State of Roads in Uganda

N. Ssenjala
N. Ssenjala schrieb am 19.01.2013

Uganda has an estimation of 22 million people of which 64% are young people who are the backbone of the economy. However Uganda being one of the least developed country in Africa its comprised of poor infrastracture which has further hindered development. 70% of people in uganda lives below poverty level feeding on half a euro pay day,the government has however remained adamant as far as infrasture is concerned. PMYO does poverty alleviation projects for the young in rural areas where roads are impassable and scarce public means. This has slowed down our work and hindered further development. We therefore ask anyone who can help us raise funds to replace our van that perished in the road accident in september 2013. This will increase our efficiency in services we give to the community of kasanje.

thank you all.

1 euro makes a change.


project manager