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Youth Development Center Project status

N. Ssenjala
N. Ssenjala schrieb am 18.08.2012

Dear friends,supporters and donors of Power Minds Youth Development Center, we would like to share with you the status of our Twin Project with Idstein Youth Center.

The project started in febuary with aquiring and payment of the proposed building or structure and working on memorandum of understanding with the rightful owners of the premises.

The aquired structure needed repair through renovation and rehabilitation all over. 1st march 2012 the renovation started with the help of our partners Idstein youth center who have since then become our major fundraisers. We started with renovating the office part since we needed an office for supervision of the project and the we equiped it with furniture as our first phase.

April-may-june 2012 .Our second phase was to work on the floor of the inside building which needed too much work and long time.

July-Agust 2012 we embacked on renovating and rehabilitating the walls, painting and working on the sealing. However work in the inside is expected to end on 30th August 2012.

September-October 2012,our next phase of fixing new windows and doors will begin.

November-December 2012, our phase on renovating and rehabilitation of the walls on the outside ie face lifting will begin which will involve plastering,painting and building veranders and replacing iron sheets.

We therefore call upon everyone reading this article to donate towards the completion of our Idstein power minds youth project. Every Euro or dollor counts alot.

Thank you for your constant support.


Project manager