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Temporaly youth development center

N. Ssenjala
N. Ssenjala schrieb am 13.05.2012

Uganda has a large young population; approximately 52.7% of the population is under 15 years of age. One out of in every four Uganda’s (23.3 %) is an adolescent and one in every three of (37.4%) is a young person.

Wakiso district like any other district in Uganda is burdened with the level at which the young population is living without proper programming for sustainable community development.

The goal of the center is to provides on one stop- center for young empower socially, economically, skills development, mentoring, coaching and monitoring.

This center shall further give technical guidance to other youth focused organization and communities. Issues of mainstreaming in programming for youth friendly services.


  • To provide and increase availability and accessibility of appropriate, acceptable, affordable quality information to the youths. [Youth information centre]

  • To influence positive behavior change amongst adolescents [mentoring centre]

  • To create /provide an enabling legal and social environment that promotes youth related Human rights guidance, education and training [Youth training centre]

  • To protect and promote the rights of the youth to health, education, information and care. [Youth rehabilitation centre]

  • To training service providers and reorient them on health systems and advocacy for youth friendly services [Advocacy centre]