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Eine Spendenaktion von Kajetan A.

HEC Paris - Marathon for Guatemala


Worum es geht

We run the Paris Marathon 2012 – You support Guatemalan children!

Check out our interactive online presentation:

+++ +++

All donations will flow to the project Safe Passage (, a non-profit organization working in Guatemala City to bring hope, education, and opportunity to the children and families living in extreme poverty around the City's garbage dump. With a yearly budget of approximately $2M, entirely funded by donations, the project supports more than 550 children, ranging in age from 1 to 21 years, coming from nearly 300 families in the surrounding neighborhoods. (Please scroll till the end of the page to learn more about the program.)

Thank you / Gracias / Merci / Danke!

Alex, Kajetan, Marcos, Nacho, Philipp, Piotr, Pol

+++ Sounds great! How can I support you? +++

++ Donate now, directly on betterplace: Any amount is welcome – €5 buys one book for Safe Passage’s library, €20 buys medical care for one child for one year, €200 buys school supplies and enrollment fees for one child for one year. 100% of your donation will flow directly to Safe Passage.

++ Spread the word: Click „attending“ on this event and invite your friends to this event to help to spread the word. Even if you cannot make a donation at this point, maybe they can.

++ "Like" us on Facebook: Keep in touch with Safe Passage and join their more than 2000 supporters on facebook. You can find the page under

++ Run with us: If you always wanted to run a Marathon, now is the time to do so in the most beautiful of all locations - Paris! We will be training on the HEC Paris Campus and in the area around St. Gallen (Switzerland). Given that the Marathon takes place in Paris, we are especially looking forward to have French teammates! Drop a line to if you are interested in joining.

+++ Why Safe Passage? +++

Safe Passage enables the children enrolled in our program to attend Guatemalan public school by providing financial support to cover costs of enrollment, school supplies, and uniforms. School-age children come to the Educational Reinforcement Center for a hot meal, homework help, medical care, sports, art programmin and to socialize in a safe place. Additionally, the Early Education Program and Adult Literacy Program offer similar resources for the pre-school-aged children as well as mother and fathers living and working in the dump and surrounding neighborhoods. The programs are designed so that each child and parent can gain the skills needed to obtain stable jobs, to be self-sufficient, and to lead their families out of poverty in a dignified and permanent way.

To learn more about Safe Passage, please visit

Kajetan A.

Kajetan A. hat diese Spendenaktion am 20. September 2011 veröffentlicht.

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