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Eine Spendenaktion von Lisa W.

Mawandas Birthday!


Worum es geht

Dear friends and "friends-friends"

today is a special day. It is Mawandas Birthday. Who is Mawanda. Some of you already know him. Mawanda is the project responsible of the project "Uganda Clinic". He is about to finish his studies but even now he is working in hospitals as a doctor. He is going to lead the clinic. Since years he supports orphans in rural villages in western uganda. He raised money to pay their schoolfees etc. With the clinic he is going to help so many people. Especially the malnurished children, HIV and malaria patients.
I have seen how he works with my own eyes. He treats the patients with respect and is highly professional. Lets help him to change the world to a better place with this clinic. Be a part of it.
Mawanda is an orphan as well and went through tough times, so his motivation to help others comes from a personal backround and is so honest and selfless. You have my word and are very much welcome to inform yourself about this project. Give what you want to give. Lets share a bit of our wealth. Once the clinic is built you can smile and say: "because of me".
So i will say: "thank you, because of you"
Lets step forward!

Lisa W.

Lisa W. hat diese Spendenaktion am 08. August 2011 veröffentlicht.

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